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Mortgage Protection

Specializing in Mortgage Protection, South Western Insurance Network is a leader in the mortgage protection industry. We work with you to design the best policy you can get to protect your entire family for the length of your mortgage and get all of your premiums back at the end of the term. Our ability to shop for you through the many companies we work with assures you the best coverage available. Our insurance companies are well known names in the insurance industry. They are A rated companies that should be familiar names to most homeowners.

Our highly trained and experienced representatives are experts in mortgage protection .  We are experts because protecting mortgage holders is all we do and we know how to create a program that is affordable and right for you.

The insurers providing coverage for this program vary from state to state. Neither the insurer nor SouthWestern Insurance are associated with the lender. Not all policies, riders or benefits are available in all states. Coverage’s may include Term Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance and Disability Income Insurance